L-Glutamine: Recovery & Immune Support

What’s to know about glutamine?  Well to start, glutamine is actually the most prominent free amino acid found in our bloodstream.  It is known as a conditionally essential amino acid, and it is one of the twenty amino acids, which are basically individual building blocks that unite together to comprise proteins in our body.  Research studies have shown glutamine can even be a big support to our immune system, helping our body fight off bacteria and infectious diseases while also helping to preserve our hard-earned lean muscle.

Glutamine is produced in our muscles and helps maintain the balance of our body’s acid-base ratio by being distributed to various organs in our body through our bloodstream. 

What does this mean?  Essential amino acids are those that cannot be produced by the body and must therefore be consumed in the diet, while a conditionally essential amino acid (such as glutamine) is one that could stop being made by the body in specific conditions such as in severe catabolic distress, injury, and even persistent stress or infection can reduce our glutamine levels in our body. When our body is needing more glutamine than it’s producing on its own, this is when a glutamine supplement can be very beneficial to our recovery and our body’s overall health and balance.

We intentionally decided our new glutamine powder should be flavorless, so it’s extremely easy and convenient to mix in with your other LFTD. supplements or even in your favorite drink.  It’s mixes almost instantly, leaving zero unwanted texture or aftertaste.  Sick of being sore and feeling slow to recover?  Give our new Stay LFTD. Glutamine Powder a try!

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