Intense Shred Stack

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This stack was designed for those looking to shred down faster and for the hard core athlete working to get freaky lean!

Our Max Burner is packed with research backed fat burning ingredients while still having an incredible strawberry-lime taste you'll want more of.  Pick your lean protein flavor in chocolate mint, vanilla, vegan vanilla, chocolate, or our most popular flavor - fruity cereal!

It's easy to get caught up in our weight-loss goals and forget to prioritize the most important part, our health.  Our Super Greens are included in this stack to save the day when it comes to your green vegetables, probiotics, and immune support intake.  Healthy "green drinks" don't have to taste like dirt and they don't all taste the same!  Our Mixed Berry Flavor tastes fresh, crisp, and helps you forget you're drinking your vegetables.

Our Stimulant Free MAX Pump is exactly what you've been looking for if you want an extra boost in the gym paired with the most amazing muscle pump.  We used the best of the best ingredients, including pharmaceutical-grade formulas that have been studied, put to the test, and proven to produce incredible results. So what does all that mean?  - If you're looking for a crazy pump, energy, endurance, and muscle stamina for your workouts, without caffeine or high stims, in a flavor that tastes so good you'll look forward to your next workout - you found exactly what you've been looking for.

Last but not least, don't forget to stay hydrated!  Mix a scoop of your blueberry-lemonade BCAAs in your water for a splash of sweet-n-sour flavor.  The Aquamin mineral complex boosts your water with electrolytes for optimal hydration during peak performance conditions.  

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