Get LFTD. Dragon Fruit Pre-Workout

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It’s no surprise that our customers love our energizing pre-workout so much. Besides being delicious, it’s packed with clean, professional-grade ingredients that work. Skip the harsh chemicals, and boost your performance with a pre-workout with vitamin C that helps you feel your best—before, during, and after every session.

Energy Without the Crash

Besides delivering an energy boost, our energizing pre-workout gives you the mental clarity and focus you need to keep pushing forward.

  • You need extra motivation & energy to work out or exercise
  • You love to feel pumped up, vascular, & ready for an intense workout
  • You are looking for a healthier, cost-effective alternative to canned energy drinks or sodas
  • You love the amazing taste of our dragon fruit flavor!

Energy boosters can be a double-edged sword. Sure, that initial boost of energy will get you to the gym, but what about an hour later when you start feeling fatigued and lethargic? A good pre-workout will keep you on your toes without making you crash when the effects wear off. Our vitamin C and dragon fruit pre-workout is formulated to provide endurance and stamina—both physically and mentally.

Get Pumped with Effective Ingredients

Our versatile, energizing pre-workout does more than give you an energy boost. It contains L-citrulline malate, an ingredient that increases your body’s blood flow, including NO2 and oxygen levels, delivering the ‘pump’ feeling that bodybuilders love. That extra blood flow can increase protein synthesis while reducing protein breakdown, allowing you to build muscle mass faster and more efficiently.


  • Beta-Alanine—Aids in improving athletic performance, lean muscle mass gain, and endurance
  • L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate—Aids in improvement of peak athletic performance
  • L-Citrulline Malate—Increases NO2 levels in the body and increases blood flow and oxygen in the muscles during exercise to give you a pump
  • Caffeine Anhydrous—Increases energy levels and mental function

Product FAQ

Does Your Energizing Pre-Workout Taste Good?

We know: health supplements can sometimes taste less than stellar. At LFTD., you don’t have to worry about that. We enjoy our own products, and we don’t want anything that tastes bad, either. Our mouthwatering dragon fruit pre-workout with Vitamin C is the ideal solution to keep your health routine on track and tasting great.

How Is Your Pre-Workout Made?

All LFTD. Lifestyle workout supplements and health boosters are made in the USA in FDA registered and GMP certified facilities under strict control standards. We only use safe, clean ingredients, and we list everything clearly on the label so you always know exactly what you’re putting into your body. You can trust the quality of our pre-workout ingredients. Accept no substitutes.

What Can I Expect When Buying Pre Workouts from LFTD.?

Enjoy a risk-free shopping experience. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our energizing pre-workout supplement, we’ll be happy to provide a refund or replacement. We’re confident in our products, and we think you’re going to be thrilled with your purchase. We’ll also cover U.S. shipping fees for purchases $99+.


What’s the maximum safe dosage?

We recommend a maximum of 2 scoops.

Will a preworkout give me bigger muscles?

No. A pre-workout can help you feel energized, motivated, and pumped up, while providing essential nutrients like Vitamin C. It helps prepare your muscles for exertion, increase blood flow, and the caffeine in ours can help boost energy and focus.

What’s the main purpose or benefits of using a preworkout before my training?

To give you energy and have you feeling ready and motivated to tackle your workout!

Is it safe for both men and women?

Yes! Anyone can enjoy the benefits of a pre-workout to level up their fitness routine.