Strength, Size, & Shape Program

This training program was specially formatted by BrentonRossFitness after years of trial and error.  He built it for himself with his main goals being to gain muscle size, increase strength, while maintaining a diligent focus on aesthetics.  This program is not recommended for beginner athletes. If you are strongly considering purchasing this program, it is worth your time to watch the video below so you know exactly what this program entails.  It's intense, it's physically and mentally challenging, and it's designed to push Brenton and you to the next level. Please note - due to the intensity of this program all purchases are final - we will not be offering any refunds for this product specifically. 

This strength, size, & shape program includes:

  • Examples of Healthy Food Choices Brenton Eats on a Bulk Categorized into Proteins, Fats, & Carbs
  • Suggested Health Supplements with Explanations
  • 30 Days of Intense Training with Sets, Reps, Rest Times, & Brenton's Notes About Each Exercise
  • Personal Notes and Tracking Section

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