Get Shredded Stack

Our Get Shredded Stack is built to support your weight-loss journey with everything you'll need to tone up and shred that body fat!

Here's how and when we use each product included in our Get Shredded Stack:

  • Whey Isolate Protein - 1 or 2 scoops immediately after training, can be used as a snack any time of day when those hunger cravings hit
  • Greens & Reds - 1 scoop taken any time of day you prefer, keep in mind this product helps with bathroom regularity
  • BCAAs & Electrolytes - 1 scoop taken during training, or can be taken any time of day you prefer for hydration and recovery
  • Glutamine - 1 scoop after training, can be mixed with your whey protein, or can be taken any time of day for recovery and muscle soreness
  • Max Pre - 1 scoop (or less than full scoop as you determine your tolerance) taken before your workout
  • Super Creatine - 3 tablets taken 1 to 2 times a day, before and/or after training with water or juice, it may be advisable cycling this product 4-6 weeks on and then 4-6 weeks off
  • Bedtime Fat Burner - 1 capsule with 8oz of water at bedtime on an empty stomach
  • Natural Fat Burner - 1 tablet taken 1-2 times daily with your first or second meal of the day, we do not suggest taking this product before bedtime, which is why we offer and include our bedtime fat burner in this stack
  • Super NO2 - 3 tablets taken with 8oz water before your workout
*Before taking any health supplements or products, consult your physician.

    Customer Reviews

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    Dylan Durbin

    Just wanted to reach out and say I love the supplements I got from the Shredded pack! My journey is starting off good and hopefully I’ll see some good results this summer!!