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Get the Most Out of Your Workouts with Natural Whey Protein Isolate.

LFTD. Lifestyle natural protein isolate empowers you to get more from your workouts. Your muscles require essential protein building blocks to grow, and our clean whey protein powder delivers. Increase gains and maximize your time and effort with whey protein that tastes amazing and works even better. Our products are backed by our 100% guarantee so that you can order with confidence.

Clean Whey Protein Powder That Works

You’re putting in the work already, so why not make your sessions more efficient and productive? Our whey protein powder helps to repair and rebuild your muscles so you can surpass your fitness goals and make new ones — rinse and repeat. Studies also suggest that natural whey protein powder can reduce your appetite while dieting, helping you to shed pounds while building muscle. At LFTD., we have formulated our protein supplements to offer the best option for muscle recovery without compromising on taste or digestibility.

How to Use Whey Protein

If you’re trying to boost your protein intake, it’s easy to gain extra weight in the process. Our whey protein is low in fat, sugar, and carbs so you can get the protein you need to bulk up your muscles without compromising your diet. Here are some tips to help you add more protein to your day:

  • Mix with water or another drink of your choice in a shaker immediately after your workout.
  • Make a highly satisfying meal replacement shake, smoothie, or snack.
  • Use at any point during the day instead of other snacks, since the low fat, low sugar, and low carb content make for an easy way to pack more protein and energy into your diet.

How Much Protein Do You Need Daily?

When deciding how much of our clean whey protein powder is best for your fitness goals, it really depends on what your goals are centered on and varies based on your bodyweight:

  • For Muscle Maintenance: 0.6-0.65* grams per lb.
  • For Moderate Muscle Growth: 1-1.2* grams per lb.
  • For Extreme Muscle Growth: 1.3-1.6* grams per lb.

*Studies done by Kent University, Letterman Army Institute of Research in San Francisco and Case Reserve University.

We’re Here to Support You

If you have any questions about our natural whey protein powder or any other of our fitness supplements, feel free to contact us to speak with a helpful fitness expert. We work hard to foster a supportive community, and we’re always thrilled and honored to help our people achieve their dreams. Order quality whey protein at LFTD. today, and start getting more from your workouts.

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