Lean Bulk Up Stack

Protein Flavor

Our Lean Bulk Up Stack is built to support your goals of putting on lean muscle mass and strength!

Here's how and when we use each product included in our Lean Bulk Up Stack:

  • Whey Protein - 1 or 2 scoops immediately after training, can be used as a snack any time of day when those hunger cravings hit
  • Greens & Reds - 1 scoop taken any time of day you prefer, keep in mind this product helps with bathroom regularity
  • BCAAs & Electrolytes - 1 scoop taken during training, or can be taken any time of day you prefer for hydration and recovery
  • Glutamine - 1 scoop after training, can be mixed with your whey protein, or can be taken any time of day for recovery and muscle soreness
  • Max Pre - 1 scoop (or less than full scoop as you determine your tolerance) taken before your workout
  • Super Creatine - 3 tablets taken 1 to 2 times a day, before and/or after training with water or juice, it may be advisable cycling this product 4-6 weeks on and then 4-6 weeks off
  • Super NO2 - 3 tablets taken with 8oz water before your workout
  • Fuel Up - 1 scoop during before or during training, can be mixed with water or your BCAAs during your workout, also can be taken for hydration or recovery any time of day you prefer
*Before taking any health supplements or products, consult your physician.