Late Night Lifter Stack

Protein Flavor

Our Late Night Lifter Stack is designed for the late night gym warrior.  This LFTD. stack provides just the right products to provide energy, stamina, blood flow, muscle growth, hydration, and muscle repair without caffeine or stimulants that will keep you awake all night!

  • Whey Protein - 1 or 2 scoops immediately after training, can be used as a snack any time of day when those hunger cravings hit
  • Super Creatine - 3 tablets taken 1 to 2 times a day, before and/or after training with water or juice, it may be advisable cycling this product 4-6 weeks on and then 4-6 weeks off
  • BCAAs & Electrolytes - 1 scoop taken during training, or can be taken any time of day you prefer for hydration and recovery
  • Max Pump - 1 scoop taken 30 minutes before training to provide the ultimate juicy pump