Superfood Gummies - Watermelon Raspberry

60 Servings = 2 Month Supply

Powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients - all packed into tasty sour gummies so you can prioritize your health, conveniently even on the go!

We wish there was a way for the whole world to have an opportunity to taste our new Superfood Gummies!  The Watermelon-Raspberry flavor tastes so good it makes you forget you're eating something healthy, and that's the point!

Who says superfoods that support your immune system have to taste bad?!  Fight off infections, diseases, viruses, and take care of your body while you chew on delicious sour gummies.

It's not wrong to look forward to taking your vitamins - children & adults both agree!

The biggest challenge is to not to let yourself eat too many! 

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